Participate in building an enlightened society


To create a social environment where political and economic participation will be watched by the civic-organs led and run by non-partisan and secular minded youth who share the ideas of the enlightened society.

See the site for the basic ideas: What is enlightened society? What does it want to achieve and how the ideas  may be realized?

What is enlightened movement?

The movement seeks to build civic-organs at different levels of the society from district levels to local communities, who will be self-sufficient, democratic and compliant with the ideas of the enlightened democracy. It will create a strong network among the civic-organs at different levels and ensure the rights of the citizens against abuse of power, injustice and exploitation and thus set democracy in its desired path.

The activities of the civic-organs and the way they may be organized are described in

What can you do?

You may spread the ideas of the enlightened democracy and acquire more understanding of the nature of freedom and the rights  which everybody should enjoy in a society. By working for the values which can bring security of life and development of knowledge based society you can help in bringing forth the higher nature of man in social-political development. You may actively participate by becoming a member of an existing civic-organ, or take initiative in forming a civic-organ in your community, whose goal will be to carry out the vision of the enlightened society. In creating a new civic-organ you may take help of us for advise about practical organizational matter and support. The main tasks of the civic-organs are to inform, educate, build network, help the weak and uniformed, and defend the society against abuse of power of the unenlightened human beings. These organs are based on civic power of the human beings who love their society and people and compassionate about those who are deprived.

The enlightened society starts with oneself. So the members of the civic-organs should comply with the values which are the foundation of an enlightened society. Those who will find no contradiction of one`s values of life with the views stated for the enlightened movement should join hands and act together to make the society a place for the development of higher man in us.

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